Are you a computer expert stepping into the world of video tutorials? Or someone who's looking to record and share bugs in an application? Whatever the reason or requirement, whenever you want to create a digital recording of your computer screen, what you need is good screen recording (a.k.a. screencasting) software.

Such tools are available for all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. In this roundup, we take a look at five popular free and open-source screen recording applications for Linux: Byzanz, Kazam, RecordMyDesktop, ScreenStudio and SimpleScreenRecorder.


Version tested: 0.2.1

Byzanz is a command line-based desktop recording tool. It creates animated GIFs by default, although you can also save your recording as an FLV, OGG, OGV or WebM file. The tool also allows you to record to its internal debugging format (.byzanz); this is useful for benchmarking purposes or in cases where you want to convert the recording to any other supported format later.

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